Transformative Therapy by Robert Betz

A therapy based on meditation and insight.
image The Transformative Therapy by Robert Betz is a spiritual therapy which can help everyone who´s interested to help himself. It´s normally a short term therapy which gives you in only a few sessions access to your inner strength and power and provides you with effective techniques for further use after the session. The sessions can also and easily be done by phone, Skype or Facetime.
Our problems and difficulties, our illnesses, loneliness or inability to have the success we desire are based on:
  • strategic decisions we had to make very early on in our life
  • blocked emotions and energies
  • the inability to understand and forgive certain people
  • many automatic "no-reactions" that govern our life
  • inability to feel certain emotions
  • total dominance of thought over heart
  • lack of trust in our inner guidance
  • no contact to our inner child
  • inability to make peace with our past
  • lack of focus
  • lack of clear decisions about the most fundamental questions in our life
  • tendency to blame others for our suffering
  • lack of self-love
  • many expectations towards others

What can we do?

We can establish a meditative contact to our body-sensations and emotions at the moment of the session and we can deepen this contact by visualizing past situations in which the same sensations and emotions were present. This leads us to key-moments and key-decisions of our individual path and to the possibility of making peace with those experiences however painful.
This kind of therapy is completely based on love and forgiveness and can easily open up the doors of our hearts and minds in oder to be able to follow the "Five Steps of Transformation" which are:
  • 1. Take responsibility for everything that´s present in your life by stating: "I myself have created it and nobody else".

  • 2. Accept and appreciate all which is now.

  • 3. Take your judgements back
    - and forgive yourself and others.

  • 4. Feel your emotions - with acceptance.

  • 5. Make a new decision!