Transformative Awareness Meditation

Free your mind and heal you emotions.
image TAM comes from my own direct and personal experience. It combines the buddhist meditation based on the "4 foundations of mindfulness" (Satipatthana) with visualization techniques which will help you to transform your difficult emotions like anger, sadness or fear into joy, inner peace and tranquillity. Try it. It's not so much "something new" - it's a useful combination of two great ways to transcend your suffering by working with the following elements:
  • Mindfulness
  • Insight Meditation
  • Concentration on your breathing
  • Concentration on your body
  • Awareness of your sensations
  • Awareness of your mental activity (thoughts)
  • Awareness of your mental formations
  • Openness towards your emotions
  • Acceptance of emotions
  • Visualization of key situations
  • Contact with your inner child
  • Forgiveness
  • Thankfulness
  • New decisions
  • Manifestation of your new reality


I've been practicing TAM for quite some time now and it transformed my life. I helped many people to do the same. Obviously there is never any guarantee and I can't promise you enlightenment and the end of all suffering in a short time but with some discipline and consistency you should find out in a short period of time if this way to practice meditation helps you.
Worth a try: TAM ACADEMY