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TALO Academy: Learn
transformative meditation

A comprehensive course with
explanations, exercises, examples
and guided meditations.
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Healing by meditating

Transform "negative" emotions
by the power of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.
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Walking Meditation:
Aware everywhere

An ancient buddhist practice
helps to keep your mindfulness alive. Always and everywhere.

What's your way to happiness?

There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way.
I've been practicing buddhist meditation for 20 years now (Zen / Vipassana / Thich Nhat Hanh) and I've been teaching it for over 10 years. In 2014 I wrote and published the book "Gehmeditation im Alltag" (Walking Meditation In Everyday Life) in German which was published in 2015 also in Italian.

I live and work in Ticino/Switzerland and in Italy teaching meditation and transformation in courses, seminars and individual therapy-sessions live and online. I am a "transformational therapist according to Robert Betz" and I offer this kind of therapy in English, Italian and German in my hometown of Lugano/Switzerland or on the phone or by Skype/Facetime to everybody who's interested.

By adding a component of emotional and energetic transformation to the buddhist meditation practice by the use of guided visualized meditations I developed the TALO-Meditation: "Transformation by Awareness and Love".
Many people including myself experienced the joy and effectiveness of TALO and saw impressive changes happening that seemed impossible before.

Many people would like to start practising meditation. But it's hard to find systematic courses and step-by-step introductions which explain exactly how to do it. The TALO Meditation Academy does exactly that and the TALO WebSangha gives you the opportunity to practice meditation together with others and to talk about your experiences. Here everyone can learn and practice meditation. Also you.

Try it!


Volker Winkler