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TAM: Awake your mind AND transform your emotions

Traditional buddhist meditation is nearly all about the mind - TAM helps you transform your emotions as well.
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A therapy based on meditation and insight

Transform your "negative" emotions  by the power of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.
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Walking Meditation: The book and the videos

A buddhist meditation practice helps to keep your mindfulness alive - always and everywhere.

What's your way to happiness?

There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way.
Formal meditation, informal meditation and emotional transformation - these are the three elements of TAM:
the Transformative Awareness Meditation.

Formal meditation simply means to practice sitting and walking meditation regularly and consistently as a means to get deeper and deeper into the present moment and into the simple joy of being, of being how you are and what you are right now.
Informal meditation is the practice of mindfulness in all situations of everyday life, especially while walking.
Emotional transformation is the one key element that traditional buddhist meditation often does not really adress: it's often not enough to state that all our "negative" emotions are based on thoughts which are ultimately empty and therefor not a problem. These emotions are deeply rooted inside ourselves and linked to our past, our family and our previous incarnations. We can adress these issues in meditation and therapy using our own innate power of awareness, acceptance, forgiveness and love.